Fact 3

Before Ian got married, he was dating a girl he had met while working a catering gig. After a couple dates, things were relaxed between Ian and Pam. One evening, Pam called Ian to chat, and Ian asked if he could call her back as it was in the middle of Double Jeopardy. (Ian does not like to miss his Jeopardy, and this was in the days before PVR, so pausing it was not an option). Ian did not see the problem with this, but she seemed perturbed. Ian called back 15 minutes later, but Pam then said that she could not talk because she was making a salad, but would call back another time. Ian did not feel that salad was along the same lines as an intense game of Jeopardy, and broke up with her following these events. In hindsight, Ian realized that making salad is never a valid reason to end a relationship.

When Ian's not making bad decisions in his personal life, he's creating the best ads he can muster.