Fact 37

On June 23, 2007, Ian drove with his 2 year old son, Daxton, to Belleville, to meet his family, coming in from Ottawa, for a family picnic. On the way, he decided to stop in at The Big Apple to pick up a pie. After paying, Ian asked for 6 forks. The woman refused, saying they were only for people dining in. He said 'Ok, I'll eat the pie here'. She did not believe him, and refused. He said this is ridiculous as he had just paid over $15 for a pie! She said b/c there is no tax on food to go, she could not give forks. He leaned in to try and take the forks, but she literally blocked him, and threatened to call the cops. The heated discussion went back and forth all while Ian was holding Daxton in his arm. He had finally enough. He walked away a few steps, and then quickly jumped back to the counter, grabbed the forks and took off. He saw her pick up the phone as he fled. As Ian got back onto the 401, he saw a cop car getting off that same exit.

When Ian's not stealing forks from The Big Apple, he likes to create compelling ads.