Fact 11

In the fall of 2007, Ian and his wife Jessica had trouble falling asleep as there was far too much noise coming from above. After some sleuthing, Ian discovered that there were raccoons climbing in and out of the attic. This came a year after Ian already paid $175 for someone to rid the raccoons from the past year. They had returned! Ian was quite angry, as he was the one paying the mortgage on the house, not the raccoons. They had to go. But he had to be careful, as it was against the law to 'permanently rid' these sorts of pesky wildlife. Ian borrowed his wife's tweezers, and carefully injected 40 rat-poison pellets deep into several peaches. He then climbed up a ladder, and scattered them on the roof. Later that evening, Jessica had asked what happened to her tweezers, as they were turning an off-shade of green. At that point he confessed to what he had done. She was angered, and noted what could happen to any birds that may land on our roof. She ordered him back up to remove the poisonous fruit.

When Ian's not inserting poison into peaches, he can be found brainstorming consumer insights.